Simple Practice is an electronic health record (EHR) system that is HIPAA compliant and the means in which you will sign your paperwork and I will keep record of your time spent in therapy. It is mandatory that all medical providers, including therapists, have records of your health issues for documentation reasons. More on what an EHR is and how it works is here:

Simple Practice is confidential, safe, and free to you and is available both on desktop and as a mobile app on your phone. Additionally, for Telehealth services, an app on your phone is available as well. Simple Practice also has the feature for you to see my availability for sessions should you need to in the future, as well as have reminders of appointments sent to you.
Usually, I will e-mail you a link to the create an account once we have our initial consult; however. if you want to reach out and sign up on your own time, here is the link to my Simple Practice page:
Image result for simple practice app for clientsSimplePractice App looks like this
Image result for simple practice app for clients SimplePractice Telehealth app looks like this